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Through the Missions Ministry, IBC supports missionaries by interest, prayer and/or financial help. Join in! And help the Kingdom of God grow!




Currently IBC supports 4 missionaries. Their information can be found below, which you can use to pray for them. For more information or recent prayer requests, you can contact one of the committee members.


Ron and Jeanette Cooke


Ron and Jeanette are stationed in Beugen, the Netherlands, and planting house churches in that region. Ron has helped IBC through the years, when IBC needed preachers. They are sent out by the World Evangelism Crusade (WEC). Even in their ageing years they meet a lot of people, personal, via the Alpha Course, or discipleship trainings. They also support prayer walks in Nijmegen and Boxmeer..




Ana Bin Yang


Anna Bin is our missionary working with foreign students in Delft, the Netherlands. She works for both the Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF) and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) to reach the ‘mission field at our doorstep’. She is coaching several students to find their way (with Christ) in this life. Together with her husband, she is welcoming a lot of people into her house.



Karoen Poot


Karoen is an evangelist who is very active in several areas. He is preaching in several churches throughout Europe. You can find him often on the streets in Eindhoven sharing the good news. He also reaches out to the refugees in this area. He has a heart for the Thai people, since he was born in Thailand as the son of a missionary couple in our church, and served there for several years. He also has a heart for the Muslim community. His activities find place under the flag of the Missions part of the Verenigde Pinkster- en Evangeliegemeenten (VPE Zending).



Annie Chikhwaza-Terpstra


She is founder of an orphanage in Malawi called Kondanani (Meaning “Love one another”) Children’s Village. It is a place of hope and life. A place where a child can find love, care and a new family. A place that cultivates a sense of belonging and security for each child; giving them the opportunity for a fresh start and the hope of a better future. Annie has become known as ‘Mother of Malawi’. A biography about her live is available under the same name. She has a strong vision for country and the future of its children. Currently she is busy with the plans for a children’s hospital.